Energy Task Force

Operational Issues we Help Resolve:

  • High Tax Burden

  • Exorbitant Monthly Energy Costs

  • Inadequate Lighting Safety Issues/Possible Accidents

  • Important HVAC/Refrigeration Rooftop Units Need Replacing and No Budget

Solar, Lighting and HVAC Projects May Qualify for 100% Project Funding by Exelon!!! 

These Problems Can Be Addressed With Zero Out-of-Pocket Expense and Benefits Received WITHOUT Writing a Check!!!

Incentives and Project Funding is “First Come, First Served” until funds are gone!


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70% of Companies and 90% of Non-Profits are Overcharged on Utility Bills. Find out if you are paying TOO MUCH?

How much savings can you generate?

The average American uses 911 kWh of electricity a month at 12 cents per KWh. However, if you switch today, you could turn that 12 cents into only 7 cents! That would be an average saving of $43.73 a month. Use this extra money for more important things in your life like friends, family, and experiences. Saving this extra $40 a month turns into almost $500 of savings annually. A lot can be done with that extra money resting safely in your bank account.

We understand everyone needs to save as much money as they can today, and we’ve found a way to help you achieve this. In less time than it takes to switch cable or internet providers, you could be saving on your electric bill. An equally important aspect we sometimes forget to think about. We’re here to leave that thought in the past and help you save as much as you can on your natural gas and/or electric bill each month. Power 2 pick gives you the power to choose the best energy plan!

“How Much Electricity Do You Use Each Month?” –

Compare, Click and Save!!!

To get started follow the link below, enter your zip code above to search for all the top rated plans in your area in less then 30 seconds.

Select the most suitable plan from the available options and Click SIGN UP! Yes, it’s that easy to lower your bills by up to 40%

Fill in some basic information and confirm everything is correct. Agree to the terms and you’re done. Now, just sit back and enjoy the savings!

How We Can Help You

We are a consortium working to save energy by facilitating state mandated programs which require the power company to entirely fund  a certain number of projects this year. 

The power company actually fronts the capital for your new equipment & install…AT ZERO INTEREST!!!

Energy saving projects include…

  • Hvac

  • Boilers

  • Lighting

  • Refrigeration

  • Electric Motors

  • Compressors

  • Solar and Wind…

…with No-Upfront Capital!


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